4 seasons with Allen and Aika

Love, love, love – wow, are we excited!

The lovestory of Allen and Aika goes right under your skin…

It is true love that bonds them. For many months thousands of kilometers separated the two lovebirds and they had to live a long-distance relationship.

Allan used to live in Vienna while his sweetheart Aika had her home on the Philippines.

For a sweet declaration of love Allen assigned the videographers John and Marijo of ELEAZARFILM to attend the couple for one year.

They shared many special moments with Allen in Vienna but also flew to the Philippines to experience and document Aikas everyday life.
Love doesn’t know borderlines and so the day came when Aika burned her bridges on the Philippines and moved to Vienna.

She had no idea that John and Marijo were at the Airport, too, to secretly capture their first moments together on camera. What a nice surprise!

It’s simply touching to see the two interacting. Coltishly and perfectly happy Allen and Aika enjoy their time and the many beautiful places of Vienna.

Time has come and so they finally will be getting married in May. Isn’t that amazing?!

Full of enthusiasm we watched the movie shot by the incredibly talented videographers John und Marijo of ELEAZARFILM over and over again and fell in love with a different scene everytime.

Translation: Marina Jenewein