After Wedding Shoot at Eidfjord in NorwAY


Mountain tops knock carefully on seventh heaven to announce the arrival of an enamored couple. Yet Oda and Ludvig are still at their after wedding shoot down in the valley.

Their reflection blurs in the lake´s surface but their future seems more clearly than ever. A future full of affection and respect, years of near moments like this.

Delicate lace snuggles up to Odas curves, playing softly around her legs. But when she wants her dress becomes sweeping and wide, as it dances with the wind unfolding its splendor.

„Oda’s romantic vintage lace gown of Shop Gossamer was simply styled with volumes of curls and a touch of foraged floral in her hair.“ photographer Koby Brown told us, who took these pictures of an especially adorable couple among the overwhelming scenery of Eidfjord in Norway.

The unique landscape speaks for itself and that´s why event stylist Elizabeth Brown refrained from creating usual scenes. „Rather than bring in added things like tablescapes, we wanted to show how the environment itself is full of beautiful details that perfectly compliment the collection.“ Koby added.

Everything matched just perfectly, we might say. Magic light shining on lush meadows, crystal clear mountain lakes merging with craggy rocks and the breakable bud of true love bonding an adorable couple for ever…

All that and a lot more got skillfully captured on fascinating pictures by Koby Brown

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Koby Brown Photography
STYLING: Elizabeth Brown
WEDDING GOWN: Shop Gossamer
FLORAL + HAIR: Elizabeth Brown
MAKE-UP: Oda Fjell
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab