Carefree in Arizona


Massive rock sceneries characterize this sparse nature, relentlessly hot and dry setting tough conditions to life. It´s a wonder what accomplishes to thrive anyway. Meters high and thickset just like Arizona´s bushes and cactuses.

Among this barren desert we encounter young life – beaming, blooming and carefree. Filigree, breakable and delicate as a bud this bridal couple faces the merciless desert, finding power within this contrast.

What a nice idea to combine your honeymoon with a gorgeous after wedding shooting like this! “We spent our honeymoon in California and Phoenix and we knew we wanted our pictures to be taken among this amazing nature.” the newly wed bride told us delighted.

“Carefree and these huge rocks were incredibly impressive and that´s exactly what we wanted: an exceptional place for wonderful pictures.” Therefor the cute couple met the successful photographer Lea Bremicker at this special place and slipped into their stunning wedding outfits for one more time.

The result: unique memories that sweetened their honeymoon with an unforgettable event. They will never ever forget this day… What do you think?

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Lea Bremicker
DRESS: Candy Quinn
SUIT: Roy Robsen
RING: Heinz O. Burkhardt e. K
LOCATION: Carefree, Arizona
FILM LAB: Photovision