Love cushioned in clouds



Clouds float across the landscape and stay hanging, watchful, in the trees. An enchanting atmosphere fills the air, almost protective and secretive. It is the love of this couple that can endure, packed in cotton wool like this.

Meaningful glances meet each other’s hearts through the olive branches. You can almost see their love for each other growing. They wander into the distance together, towards where happiness awaits them.

Susanne and Lorenz’s gestures speak volumes. A fleeting kiss is followed by a lovestruck smile. Their eyes shine as they touch each other tenderly. They understand each other fully. They are sincere and intimate.

As this after-wedding photo-shoot strikingly shows us, you do not need much to hold onto to glittering memories.

Next to the delightful couple, a divine gown combined with unique accessories and the stunning backdrop of Florence were the most important ingredients.

Mother Nature contributed the rest with vivid lushness and sublime lighting moods.

Apart from the stylish and elegant stationary, the couple consciously avoided going for colorful or countless details and design elements. The result: peerless pictures from the talented photographer Pia Clodi of  peaches & mint  that only concentrate on what is essential – the love between two people, pure and unadulterated.


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PHOTOGRAPHY: peaches & mint by Pia Clodi
DRESS: Twobirdes Bridesmaid
STYLING: Comme Soie
SHOES: Sergio Rossi
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab