Amazing Bella Belle Shoes 2021 Collection – Metamorphosis



With its stylish diversity and intricate designs, the new Bella Belle collection “Metamorphosis” conquers our hearts. Each of the models is delicate, feminine and playful, at the same time powerful, expressive and extravagant. Bella Belle’s new collection emphasizes the passion for feminine silhouettes, transformation and self-confidence. Together with designer Joy Proctor, this artful editorial was staged with a great sense of aesthetics.

From designer Veronyca Kwan by Bella Belle: “Metamorphosis: a profound change of transformation from one stage to the next in life history.

Inspired by the metamorphosis journey of a butterfly, this editorial is an inspiring story of a heroine’s path to self identity. The story is to empower women by making us feel comfortably confident and beautiful in our own skin, as we go through stages of our own transformation. It is a sweet declaration of femininity and a proclamation of confidence all rolled into one. 

This expressive story narrates stages of the heroine’s transformation to awakening through colors. As she evolves through every stage, she realizes what makes her different is what makes her special. She realizes the gravity of her own power, defying her own confines to be reborn into a powerful and confident heroine.” 

Fine art photographer KT Merry has immersed her camera in the symbolism of this collection and made it visible with her striking images.