Andrea and Thomas – Fall Wedding in Graz


Self evidently the sun shines bright, warm light gives Graz this golden glance. It´s the guest´s warm jackets that presage: summer´s gone, fall has come…

Playful yet elegant, ancient yet modern, metropolis yet nature – on this wonderful autumn day Styria´s capital city gave a good account of itself. With good reason of course: the adorable wedding of Andrea and Thomas.

Not as expected in rustic brown and orange, no, this autumn appears mellow in crème, rose, and nude. Combined with copper and crystal they turn into an exclusive and graceful union of colors.

It´s hard to believe that this day full of loving details and adorable highlights got planned and organized in only 1,5 months! From morning to night, from the bridal dress to the table setting, from dinner to cake – with the dedicated help of families and friends this couple left nothing to chance and celebrated an unforgettable party.

Also photographer  Martin Spörl lived up to his name and captured this day with all his heart, the right sense and his unmistakable style for Andrea and Thomas on camera.

Now it´s time for us to have a look at the most beautiful moments of this moving wedding! Come and join us!

Text: Marina Jenewein


andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0001 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0002 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0003 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0004 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0005 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0006 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0007 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0008 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0009 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0010 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0010a andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0011 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0013 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0014 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0015 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0016 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0016a andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0017 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0018 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0019 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0020 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0021 andrea-thomas-hochzeit-schloss-aiola_0022


FOTOGRAFIE: Martin Spörl Photography
LOCATION: Aiola im Schloß St. Veit
FLORISTIK: Lederleitner










       Martin Spörl