Andrea and Eoin – Gorgeous Farm Wedding



Andrea & Eoin: Sundance Ranch, Ashcroft, Canada from story of eve on Vimeo.


The earth shakes under their feet as they kiss and clouds clear the way for the sun as they look deep into each others eyes. Their love stands up to every windstorm and even the returning clouds are powerless against this bridal couple´s beaming smile.

An opulent floral wreath in the bride´s hair takes up the embroidered bustier of her dress * which she gave a personal note to with classy cowboy boots. Her favorite horse takes her to the place of her wedding with view of the farm to stride along the aisle on a carpet full of memories right into the arms of her love.

Countless adventures have Andrea and Eoin experienced in the past 10 years together. Their adorable DIY wedding at Sundance Ranch probably was their unchallenged highlight up to now.

Loving and rustic, costly but casual, exceptional yet authentic – this is how everyone will remember this special day when Andrea and Eoin got married in Canada.

Pictures say more than 1000 words they say. But moving pictures say even more. And that´s why we are so excited to present you this amazing short film by videographer Michael of  Story of Eve who captured this refreshingly casual farm wedding in his artful way next to the photographers Jelger + Tanja.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jelger + Tanja
VENUE: Sundance Guest Ranch
MAKE-UP ARTIST:  Laine D’Agneau
WEDDING DRESS:  Dirty Fabulous
BRIDAL ACCESSOIRES: Tiny Treasured Tails & Ariat
RINGS: – Lady Rose Vintage Jewelry, Hilsers Jewelers, & Brian De Staic