Anna & Marcel – Vintage wedding at Lake Wörthersee


Bright red hair laying sensually on elegant pale skin, turning a beautiful girl into an unforgettable eye-catcher. That was Marcel´s first impression of Anna when they met at the university. And it was also one of the highlights of their recent elegant vintage wedding at the Parkvilla Wörth in Pörtschach at lake Wörthersee.

Back then Marcel wasn´t able to stop looking at Anna and on their wedding day she once again captured his imagination – with her gorgeous red hair and the white, loosely falling bridal dress that flattered her feminine silhouette with a V-neck and finest lace.

A natural bridal look full of elegant grace and natural charm complemented by a casual hair style. Perfect for a fairytale wedding at the Parkvilla where nature itself became an unforgettable wedding backdrop including a mist of light pink.

Finest shades of pink, marsala and crème created vivid fireworks of love. The bridal couple designed their wedding theme with adorable sweetness. A candy bar here and a hilarious photo booth for some fun for the guests there.

The path leading to the ceremony was flanked with floral trellis made of hydrangea scales by Blumen Isabella and the couple had to step trough a frame decorated with tulle and flowers. Self-made wedding details resulted in a wonderful feast of love and became an unforgettable summer fairy tale at lake Wörthersee.

Here´s an Austrian photo-love-story by Tanja und Josef Photographie!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Tanja und Josef Photographie und Film
LOCATION: Parkvilla Wörth in Pörtschach am Wörthersee
BRAUTKLEID: Cymbeline bei Hochzeitssalon Jereb
FLORISTIK: Blumen Isabella
TORTE: Lisis süße Tortenwelt
HAARE: Unistyle – Selma Begovic
MAKE-UP: Karina Kirecci perfect make-up
TRAUREDNERIN: Herzensworte – Gabriele Koch









Tanja & Josef Photographie