Annie and Ihno – a day at the beach


“A day at the beach” – that´s the theme of Annies and Ihnos lovely arranged wedding on the island Sylt in the North Sea. The two got engaged on this island and wanted to celebrate their promises of marriage here, between wonderful thatched houses and dreamlike beaches, too.

Perfectly matching the island-wedding you can find pink and blue details including little maritime anchors everywhere. Like Annies pink rubber boots and high heels, Ihnos blue chucks, his pink tissue and socks or the button border of his shirt. And even the pink/blue stuffed candy-bar not only looked great but also tasted deliciously.

Annie and Ihno managed it to arrange their wedding day absolutely relaxingly for their families and themselves. Annie is a photographer, specialized on weddings (, and knows about the possible level of stress for all participants on that day.

After a long and tasty breakfast they got ready for their wedding and went to their ceremony at the Sylter Heimatmuseum by foot. After the ceremony they went for a walk at the beach, had coffee, cakepops and muffins at the beautiful Seiler Hof, took their wedding-pictures at the beach and had dinner at the Sansibar followed by a big spontaneous party with their families.

Both were lucky to have such a wonderful weather. Normally whoever gets married on Sylt in November has to expect storms, rain and cold temperatures. Just like the weather one week before the wedding, when nobody got on or off the island because of a heavy storm.

They were thankful and happy to have such mild, dry and storm-free wedding-weather to enjoy their togetherness at the beach of Sylt.

This wedding and the cute couple make us smile and the breathtakingly impressive pictures shot by the talented Alina Atzler warm our hearts and souls.

By the way, she´s the one we got this text from – so thanks a lot dear Alina!

Translation: Marina Jenewein

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© Alina Atzler