Black and Wild


A dusty quarry instead of idyllic nature, cool seduction in place of romantic romance and a vivid expression where you would normally expect soulful glances – photographer Diana Frohmüller shows how captivating a couple session off the mainstream can be.

At first glance, nothing seems ordinary. The second shows one or the other parallels to the “classic” wedding world. A ceremony arch, albeit geometrically and reinterpreted, ornate floral arrangements, not overloaded, but in terms of color very expressive – a beguiling gown that sensually plays on the charms of a bride not in white but in deep black, and an extraordinary bridal couple, even if it does not represent the symbol of glamor and elegance.

And that’s the exciting difference! Where do you look first? On her endlessly long legs, teasingly flashing between the delicate fabric panels? On his tattoos that appear under the shirt’s rolled-up sleeves? On her black veil, dancing excitedly in the wind? Or on his chic hat, with which he completes his fashionable casual outfit?

Curious, our eyes wander back and forth between the two and their surroundings, always in search of hitherto unnoticed details that still want to be discovered…

And believe us, there are still so many more! Milles Fleurs has done a great job not only on the floral highlights, but also on the whole staging this extravagant love story.

A love story that was documented by photo artist Diana Frohmüller on very impressive pictures. Here she shares her most beautiful shots with us!




PHOTOGRAPHY: Diana Frohmüller
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Ria Saage
FILM LAB: Mein Film Lab
MODELS: Kim Wojtera & tom2rock









   Diana Frohmüller