Bridal Fashion From Kisui Berlin – Innovative, extravagant and unconventional


Innovative, extravagant and unconventional, the bridal wear of Kisui Berlin is always having their finger on the pulse of time. Or should we say, always one heartbeat ahead?


For more than 10 years, designer Kerstin Karges has been at the forefront of her own fashion line and thus also at the top of the internationally successful German bridal fashion label. Her courage to think outside the box, her sense for upcoming trends, her stylish knack for fabrics and her unmistakable handwriting in terms of design are the guarantee for her continued success.


And so Kisui Berlin thrills this season with unique cuts, extraordinary materials and holographic elements, skillfully playing with the charms of femininity.


There´s deep back cuts meeting high leg cuts, seductive transparency´s meeting romantic lace, and subtle BoHo appeal´s meeting innocent Madonna charm. And guess what? We even discovered bridal jumpsuits in this multi-faceted collection!


Presumably this is, after the introduction of skirts, bridal tops and pullovers for bridal gowns in recent years, now the next milestone kisui Berlin sets in the world of bridal fashion and thus proves once again trend sensibility.


However, with this new collection designer Kerstin Karges primarily wanted to captue an emotional world and to transfer it into her designs. Feelings of lightness, love and happiness that we are flooded with in these special moments that we will never ever forget. Moments, where time stands still, filling our hearts with warmth and bringing a smile to our faces.


The result is an incredible selection of bridal gowns for modern brides looking for that certain something. Are you one of them? Then Kisui has just the right thing for you!