Zoé – Call For The Sea


Guided by an invisible power the pale beauty follows the call of the sea.

Barefooted and on tiptoes she strides the sand always towards the horizon and the setting sun. It is the sea breeze that keeps the bride relentlessly going until she reaches her goal. It´s the blithe easiness that keeps her dancing along the beach.

Her flowy dress clings to her legs, stroking her skin with every step she takes. Its silk makes it slightly shine, its cut flatters every bride. Simple yet special it defines the bride´s modern hippie look.

As much as we fell in love with these overwhelming images shot by Bina Terré the photographer lost her heart to this very special bridal dress. At the beach of the Dutch municipal Westkapelle she dedicated this shooting to this wonderful gown.

„„Zoé“ – from the current Soeur Coeur-Collektion 2017 – is a bridal dress that literally calls for the sea and the width of the horizon. The flowy, simple silk dress defining a casual hippie look is a statement for every bride who loves the unconventional way. Our bride´s dance at the ocean, the freshness of the sea breeze and the play of colors of a setting sun harmonized so perfectly…” the fine art artist Bina Terré raves about her recent styled shoot.

Understandably, as we think, as we can´t wait to sink into this dreamlike world of pictures shot by  Bina Terré with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




BRAUTKLEID: Zoé by Soeur Coeur
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Liebesart by Janine Hohmann
MODEL: Michelle M. über Brüderchen & Schwesterchen
LOCATION: Westkapelle, Niederlande









        Soeur Coeur                           Bina Terré