Carolina and Rodrigo – Santorini Honeymoon


Bright white houses between rocks blend with the azure blue horizon to find harmonic togetherness with the light green of olive trees raising their branches into the sky.

Here, in Santorini love found a home. Joint by pristine summer. Fresh air and true love are the most important ingredients for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Yes, days like this need to be captured on artful images – just like photographer Paulina Weddings did when she eternalized some lovestrucked time of togetherness of the Brazilian bridal couple Carolina and Rodrigo on the Greek island and turned them into a wonderful world of pictures.

The magic of white and blue matches true love perfectly. Fresh and with an incomparable ease like the village contains it within itself, the newly wed couple passes white houses leading them the way through blue details. Towards honeymoon and their mutual future.

The bride treads the path with a widely falling white dress, loose hair and sandals. Only their wedding rings and her white bridal bouquet with single blue thistles are reminiscent of their wedding day´s romance.

Running for cover under shade-giving olive trees the couple enjoys the rushing of the deep blue ocean singing its melancholic song about lovers that come and go. Santorini honeymoon, I wouldn´t say no…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER:  Paulina Weddings
FLOWERS: Red Box Days
COUPLE: Carolina und Rodrigo