Coastal Cherry Blossom Inspirations



Thick clouds move across the sky dramatically, plunging the sea into mystical light. Surprisingly slow and calm, the water reaches the shore, playfully caressing soft skin. These are the delicate feet of a bride who seems to emerge from the pale colour composition of her environment.

Wild and untamed, as we would have an ocean be, flowing lengths of light tulle envelope her silhouette. Closely interwoven, they veil her back, then surrendering unconditionally to the ocean breeze from the waist down. The neckline allows for glimpses of a little more bare skin between brunette hair and exquisite cherry blossoms.

The fresh pink blossoms are her colourful glimmer of hope in a world that was once only beige and grey. They bring a change and even a little sunshine. A little distance from the murmuring sea, the table is set for her and her guests. A line of white candles stretches from one end of the festive table to the other. An upholstered bench invites us to take a seat. Black serving plates evoke the gloomy morning, while the white fabric draped on them alludes to light-hearted sunset years.

Above, a luminous roof of filigree cherry blossoms soars. Here and there, pink leaves rain down, lending the arrangement below the final touches. One last time, the bride turns to look at the sea before she says goodbye forever. She lets a black scarf dance behind her while she turns her gaze towards the future before her.

We are deeply impressed by the sense of aesthetics by the stylists of White Event Studio and admire Vasia Han’s sense of fine art, which she proves impressively in her artful gallery.



PHOTOGRAPHY Vasia Han Photography
PLANNING & DESIGN White Event Studio
FLORALS & RIBBON Carousel Studio
GOWN Hannah Tikkanen
HAIR Conscious Hair