Colorful Flush of Love


Glowing passion strides lonely across copious green meadows somewhere on the far side of urban activities and the powerful pulse of the metropolis. Showing up with light pastel colors complemented by bright pink, masala and red to enjoy silence before the storm at the back of beyond one last time.

Two bridal variations full of contrasts and one casual groom – this is a pictorial wedding inspiration by picture artist Roland Faistenberger who gave colorful utterance to true love. Love becomes art, art becomes love.

Hand in hand two brides turn this rough natural setting into the boards that mean the world: flat landscape becomes a romantic scenery to showcase their love in a very unique way. One of them wearing a colorful bridal dress with a nude skirt and a fitting lace corsage in bright red.

A color intensity giving creative grace to a mainly restrained bridal look and mirroring the lush floral decoration by floral designer Timo Bolte. The other bride all in elf-like white. Delicate panels blow loosely in the wind joining with pink feathers of her cape in front of the barren backdrop to paint luminous spots of color into the sky.

Colorful details that also go very well with the groom as he plays with his cape to become another piece of art among this monochrome piece of nature. Finally, all three match perfectly breathing colorful existence to their love.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Roland Faistenberger
KLEIDER: Juergen Christion Hoerl
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Claudia Fromaschitz – Gilbird
MODELS: Simona, Melissa & Lukas