Cottage Garden 


A stream of candle light lightens up the mysterious room, filling it with warmth, mysticism and light. Patiently white pigeons wait for their big moment, remaining peacefully in her hands.

Just like the birds in a cage this bride lingers in her perfect in form dress, impatiently longing for the moment of her wedding vow. Strolling through the empty, chilly house before going into the garden to spread her wings.

This rustic storybook cottage was perfectly suited for the fascinating inspirations of event designer Luna Soiree.

It´s aged walls surrounded by blooming gardens dare to play with mysterious past and vivid future. Stunning flower arrangements by  New Creations Flower Company combine them in the presence of a gorgeous table for four.

Captured and eternalized by the great photographer Blaine Siesser we now marvel at his talent drawing so much attention even to the smallest and most inconsiderable details…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Blaine Siesser Photography
EVENT DESIGN:  Luna Soiree
FLORAL DESIGN:  New Creations Flower Company
VENUE: Cotswold Cottage
HAIR + MAKEUP: : Aferdita Qafa
ACCESSOIRES:  Crowning Glory
BRIDE’S SHOES: Manolo Blahnik
RING:  La Jolla Fine Jewelry
CAKE:  Sweet Heather Anne
INVITATIONS: Alisa Bobzien
SILK: Silk And Willow
DOVES: Winged Occasions
MODEL: : Carly Francavilla