Daphne Newman – Veil-Collection “Love Awakened”


Behind the venerable walls of a monastery in Umbria designer Daphne Newman presents her new veil collection “Love Awakened” to inspire brides-to-be to express their own personalities without breaking with traditions.

Grace and elegance fill the hallowed halls, tenderness and loveliness light up even the darkest prayer room. Classic meets modernity, tradition meets innovation. Timeless beauty that lasts for generations.

„Daphne specializes in wedding veils and is sharply focused on evolving the iconic accessory from its outdated reputation with a couture approach, carefully merging traditional hand techniques with luxurious silk tulle and embellished trims.“ photographer Lelia Scarfiotti raves about the designer. „Her work is a collection of thoughtfully designed, stylish, evocative pieces that the modern bride is excited to wear and proud to pass on.“

Only the highest quality materials, personally collected by Daphne on her journeys through Europe and the Mid-West, have the great honor to become one of her precious veils.

Along with Raquelle Kilotaitis Daphne Newman recently set her collection of ten unique designs in the limelight, to impressively show how to add some extra touch of luxury even to the most beautiful bridal styling.

Currently her exceptional designs are exclusively available in Canada and the US, as well as in Daphne’s online shop. But lets go on a trip to Italy first, where Lelia Scarfiotti captured those wonderful bridal accessories for us on incredible pictures…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




WEDDING VELS: Daphne Newman
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Daphne Newman + Raquelle Kilotaitis
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lelia Scarfiotti
Beaded long sleeve- Liz Martinez from Spina Bride
Lace off the shoulder- Liz Martinez from Spina Bride
Beaded/Glitter Gown: Karen Willis Holmes from Pearl and Dot
Slip Dress: Daphne Newman
HAIR / MAKE-UP: Katie Angus of The Future Mrs