Dark Bride – Winter Wedding Romance


Whenever the last rays of sunlight go to sleep and the dazzling blaze of colors clear the way for lush shades of grey we know winter has thrown its coat of melancholy over the landscape.

Every summer is followed by winter and every winter has a shining spark of wedding romance. Those who make themselves unforgettable with that certain something. Like this alternative wedding subject of a “dark bride” shot by the wonderful wedding photographers from Carolin Voelker of Carito Photography for example.

At an abandoned railroad line among bald birch trees and in front of a monochrome backdrop the temptingly wild bride strolls dressed all in black. Excitingly showcased. And so we observe an unforgettable love play of strong colors and this somehow dangerous elegance. Looking away? Impossible!

The extravagantly short bridal dress in this non-color black and with a special collar by designer Diana Scharin gives this winter wedding inspiration an irresistible fascination in this cold season. Dark, monochrome and expressive – yet not less radiating and adorable. The fashionable interaction between black leather and tulle seduces to an alternate “feast of love” in the freezing winter.

Combined with colorful makeup by Noleen Sliney and a stylish birdcage veil by kido Design – this bridal look doesn´t need much more for its wildly feminine attitude.

Her favorite accessory: her bridal bouquet by  Blumenstil! Yet this time in the lush colors of the winter: Bordeaux, dark green and hopeful white. A mixture of finest blossoms, rustic textures, cotton and feathers who become new protagonists of a powerful winter´s bridal look.

We´re totally in love with the varied pictures shot by the great photographer Carito Photography.

Text: Yvonne Posch, Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Carito Photography
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Noleen Sliney Make-up Artist
FLORISTIK: Blumenstil
BRIDAL GOWN: Diana Scharin
MODEL: Rebecca D.