Doris and Susanne – Golden Summer Wedding


Bright make-up and artfully pinned-up hair, a blessed smile on her lips and pleasant tingle in her belly. Excitedly giggling with the bridesmaids or going through upcoming moments one last time, putting on precious jewelry and polishing her styling down to the wire.

A bride´s day is thrilling, overwhelming and moving and won´t loose any emotions over the day. This time photographer Elisabeth Feldner by  Die Elfe attended two beautiful brides on their wedding day and proofs impressively, that true love and deep feelings can bond even two women forever…

About twelve months after their traditional proposal the unconventional couple Doris and Susanne celebrated their “Golden Summer Wedding” within the family and friends circle and tied the knot.

Their enormous diy-decoration ran like a golden thread through the day – from the ceremony to dinner, from invitation to place cards and from the bridal bouquet to centerpieces. Together with friends and families they gathered, crafted, baked, bonded and arranged to perfection to celebrate a harmonious feast in shades of gold, beige and nude combined with pearls, feathers, brassware and leaded crystal together.

Within a very personal and touching ceremony Doris – wearing a dreamlike Pronovias gown with a perfectly matching headpiece by Schönmich Accessoires – and Susanne, in her custom-made wedding suit, promised to love each other beyond death.

Love is all that counts, and that you never ever let go once you found it. Just like Doris and Susanne who are going to stand up to fate side by side and want to walk the path of life together from now on.

Thanks to the great and touching pictures shot by  Die Elfe it feels as if we had been guests of this magical alliance. All the best to this charming bridal couple!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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LOCATION + CATERING: Birgit kocht – Heurigen im Johanneshof, Tattendorf
HAASCHMUCK: Schönmich Accessoires
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Gilbird
BRAUTANZUG: geschneidert von Gabriele Pastler
BRAUTJUNGFERN KLEIDER: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner
TRAURINGE: Ringe von Niessing, Ring mit Steinen Sonderanfertigung bei Firma Nowak Schmuck



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