Dream Wedding Above The Roofs Of Babelsberg


The sun shines warm onto Babelsberg, lets us hope for an especially beautiful summer´s day. A summer´s day that also the bridal couple Klaus and Theresa wants to turn into something great.

In good weather the couple and their guests find themselves among the lordly and imposing ambience of the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg, where bride and groom tie the knot high above the roofs of this green city today.

A breathtaking view and delicious aperitifs wait for the party afterwards, who is overwhelmed by the view over the forests and lakes before they go on a refreshing cruise with the newly weds.

Even at night at their dinner at Kleines Schloss Park Babelsberg there are no signs of the nearby pulsating metropolis of Berlin. Idyllic and solitary they salute on a lovingly decorated table by Botanic Art Floral And Event Design to a cheerful future…

Even photographer Ashley Ludaescher is still deeply impressed by this wedding as she told us: „Klaus and Theresa’s wedding was one that beautifully represented everything I love about weddings and why I feel so blessed to be a wedding photographer. Their intimate wedding was relaxed, emotional and incredibly beautiful. It was a photographer’s dream at two incredibly stunning venues in Potsdam, outside of Berlin, Germany. Yet even with all the stunning details, the wedding was truly about Theresa and Klaus and their love and commitment. I was moved to tears documenting the tenderness between them and their intense love for one another.“

We can only imagine how heart-capturing the ceremony of Klaus and Theresa was, yet the expressive pictures shot by Ashley Ludaescher Photography make it easy for us to feel like a part of this wedding party.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashley Ludaescher Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Botanic Art Floral And Event Design
CEREMONY VENUE: Belvedere on the Pfingstberg 
RECEPTION VENUE: Kleines Schloss Park Babelsberg 
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Lena Schleweis
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab