Elopement in the dolomite alps


Who says it isn’t possible? To conquering this day, rise to its challenges, just the two of them. To look deeply into each others’ eyes, forgetting the rest of the world.

Why not invite the mountains as wedding guests, with their gentle icing sugar peaks, white as the purest portrait of her dress. To jump into the lake together, which is so clear it grants us a view all the way down to its very bottom. It is so clear we can see ourselves in it.

And then, when our marriage is finally sealed, I will leave a symbol on your hand. Like the water on your skin.

Why not consult with nature? Let her take a seat on all the benches to bear witness. As magnificent as a mother, as loyal and patient as a maid of honour.

Striding through the avenues, inhaling the blossoms, always surrounded by her. Touching her flowers and braiding them into a bouquet or spreading them on the water when we hand them this last blessing for the road.

Why not spend the night in a grand, magnificent villa. Just the two of us, all alone. Nobody here who could hear us. Behind us, water fountains rise into the air as we look out onto the Dolomites together.

The great massif of the southern Alps that we admire while you hold me tightly in your arms. Why not trust in the power of our love? Why not be alone together, just the two of us?

We are so obsessed with the impressive picture world by Darya Kamalova of thecablookfotolab.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Darya Kamalova by thecablookfotolab
MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Hair & Makeup by Lu