Elopement On The Faroe Islands


Lillien and Misha chose green mountains, deep valleys, endless grassland and fascinating cliffs as their setting for their elopement on the Faroe Islands.

Untouched nature extends as far as the eye can see characterize the image of these rocky islands. As if the world´s still in good order here, they meet sheep, horses and a fascinating birdlife.

As extraordinary as the couple themselves, should also be the way of their wedding ceremony. The venue was hard to find but absolutely worth looking for.

“We did not know where our wedding was going to take place. All we knew was that we did not want a big luxury ceremony. On the other hand, it was not our thing either to visit town hall and get a marriage certificate. When we started reading about the Faroe Islands, we suddenly knew that´s exactly what we were looking for!” bride Lillien told us.

“The northern nature with its silent, stern views inspired us. And we thought that the casual clothes of the locals would correspond our wedding dress the most. The ordinary look should emphasize the atmosphere of silence and emotional warmth.”

So the two started out with Fine Art photographer Mikhail Balygin to the Faroe Islands, where a small word turned into an unforgettable, yet exhausting event.  

 “The day of the photo session was full of work and emotions. We had to travel from one point across the islands to others. It is difficult to choose right places because the nature of The Faroe Islands is simply amazing.” the bride explained.

The Faroe Islands seem to be a hidden treasure and definitely worth a visit. But for now we enjoy the fantastic images shot by Mikhail Balygin with you.

Translation: Marina Jenewein