Emelie and Brandon – Dreamlike Wedding With Southern Flair


Which bride does not wish for her wedding to be unique and perfect?! The impressive pictures shot by Jessica Lorren of Emelies and Brandons gorgeous wedding show us how they made their dream come true last summer.

A smitten couple, tender pastel colors, a lot of nature, an open air wedding and an adorable barn for a delicious dinner and a frisky party were the ingredients for the most beautiful day in Emelies and Brandons lives in Tennessee, USA.

Bride Emelie told us: „Brandon and I wanted our wedding to speak to who we are, both as a couple, and as individuals. We wanted a classic, yet relaxed feel to the day, with elements of southern romanticism. For us, this meant tailoring elements of a classic wedding, so that it fit who we were.

We had traditional wedding vows, yet we also wrote our own, and instead of having one minister to officiate the wedding, we had two ministers who were both very important and influential in each of our lives. I also had my father and grandfather walk me down the aisle. It was so important to me because my grandpa, who is still spry as ever at 90, has been such a significant part of my life, and has taught me how to truly love life, and not sweat the small stuff.

From the beginning I knew I wanted the colors to be light and ethereal, and I went for a classic palette of blush pink, white, and ivory. I loved the way these colors looked with the light wood colors in the open-air chapel and the reception barn.”

Photographer Jessica Lorren attended Emelie and Brandon on their special and perfect day. Here she wants to share with us what happens if groundedness meets elegance, romance meets classic and modern trends meet tradition…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Lorren Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Mint Springs Farm
CERMONY VENUE: Mint Springs Farm
SHOES: Diane Von Furstenberg
CATERING: Chef Penelope
TUX: Tom James