Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart – Bridal Accessoires Collection 2017 


Heavy in value crystals lay round her neck while filigree gold adorns her dark hair.

Butterflies not only in her tummy, their tender wings also clap on her head.

Finest blossoms crown her face, nestle up as tiara to snuggle into a nest of locks.

Classic yet modern, majestic yet humble, elegant yet playful – the bridal accessory label Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart presents their new collection “The Dreamers” exceptional and multifaceted as usual.

Feathery and floating fabrics meet precious glance to conflate into breathtaking pieces of jewelry for brides looking for unique accessory to give personality to their styles.

Inspired by seeing her customers in her dreamy and artful created singletons designer Liv Hart dedicated this 2017 collection to blossoms, leaves and adorable details.

In the successful film photographer of Laura Gordon Photography designer Liv Hart found an equally talented artist who knew exactly how to capture the designs of her new collection the best.

Now dive with us into this dreamy world and see for yourselves what tomorrow´s brides wear…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0001 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0002 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0003 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0004 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0005 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0006 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0007 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0008 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0009 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0010 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0011 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0012 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0013 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0014 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0015 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0016 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0017 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0018 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0020 enchanted-atelier-by-liv-hart-brautaccessoires-2017_0021


ACCESSOIRES + HEADPIECES: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
PHOTOGRAPHY: Laura Gordon Photography
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Anna Breeding
CALLIGRAPHY: Signora e Mare
FLORAL CROWN: June Hart Flowers
FILM LAB: Photovision
MODEL: Kathleen McGoniglee