Sense of love in Saint Tropez


It is summer time in Saint Tropez and France´s golden sun baths the town in Mediterranean light. Warm wind blows through the alleys, spreading the sweet scent of fresh fruits.

The harbor town tells of easiness and blithe holidays. Today it talks about love, too. About closeness and comfort. The journey of two hearts leads them into the city at the sea, to spend time together and enjoy their luck.

Ancient glamour and the influence of great artists characterized today’s gorgeous harbor town. Dreamy streets, aged frontages, romantic places and of course it´s direct location at the sea make Saint Tropez the perfect place for lovely pictures of smitten couples.

Photographer Ashley Ludaescher and wedding planner Josephine of Beautiful Occasions got inspired by the glamorous vintage-charm of this city and brought back wonderful impressions of an engagement shoot.

For a short moment the great pictures shot by Ashley Ludaescher bring  summer back into our hearts and let us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


saint-tropez-engagement_0001 saint-tropez-engagement_0002 saint-tropez-engagement_0003 saint-tropez-engagement_0004 saint-tropez-engagement_0005 saint-tropez-engagement_0006 saint-tropez-engagement_0007 saint-tropez-engagement_0007a saint-tropez-engagement_0008 saint-tropez-engagement_0010 saint-tropez-engagement_0011 saint-tropez-engagement_0012 saint-tropez-engagement_0012a saint-tropez-engagement_0016 saint-tropez-engagement_0017 saint-tropez-engagement_0017a saint-tropez-engagement_0018 saint-tropez-engagement_0019 saint-tropez-engagement_0020 saint-tropez-engagement_0021 saint-tropez-engagement_0021a saint-tropez-engagement_0021b

FOTOGRAFIE: Ashley Ludaescher Photography
EVENT COORDINATION: Beautiful Occasions
LOCATION: Saint Tropez, France
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Lena Schleweis
PAINTS: : Rooks & Rocks
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab