We love eating delicious food and trying out new recipes.

This time Melanie Nedelko from Wiener Wohnsinn pampered us with a tasty starter: a strawberry-pea-goat cheese crostini. Mmmmh, doesn´t that sound seducingly yummy?!

Melanie told us: „Peas don´t necessarily are part of the spicy vegetables and combined with strawberries they are more like a dessert. But if you add some further ingredients it becomes a starter!
Inspired by a recipe out of a beautiful cookbook written by two Bavarian foodies, who live in Austria and run a foodblog named Because you are hungry, I made pea crostini with goat cheese and strawberries. It was amazing!

You don´t need many ingredients and the crostinis are the perfect starter at a barbecue or the ideal little dinner.

I shortly boiled up the frozen peas, quenched them with ice cold water so they don´t loose their green color and put them into the mixer with the remaining ingredients.

To get crostinis I spread olive oil onto slices of ciabatta bread and left them in the oven for like 10 minutes. Afterwards I applied some pea-spread as well as strawberries, pecans and warm, sautéd goat cheese on them.

Finally I put balsamic creme on top to rarefy them – just like they suggested it in the book.

The plate and this beautiful spoon are from a shop called Sensitive et fills in Paris. It´s a paradise for crockery-collectors: they sell pots, plates, bowls, teapots, cussions and many adorable things more. You´ll find it at 31, Rue Faidherbe, Metrostation Charonne.”

Of course we already tried the crostinis ourselves, they were delicious! Thanks a lot dear Melanie for your amazing blog Wiener Wohnsinn and your lovely pictures. (Click here to discover Melanie as talented photographer!)

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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BILDER UND IDEE: Melanie Nedelko von Wiener Wohnsinn
TELLER UND LÖFFEL: Sensitive et fills
WECKGLAS: Gläser und Flaschen
KOCHBUCH: Because you are hungry