Eva Poleschinski – Infinitamente


Her smile seems shy, her eyes focus on her Mexican beach wedding. Her presence attracts, her bridal dress beguiles.

Young rays of sunlight sneak a peek into the gorgeous wooden house at the sea, getting rewarded by the vision of a tempting beauty.

This bride is ready to give everything to gain even more. Her heart is as big as the ocean is wide. However, only the man of her dreams is allowed to live in.

With a breeze in her back and a bouquet in her hands she follows the path to luck, to say her vows among this breathtaking scenery of Tulum…

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, 
My love as deep: the more I give to thee
The more I have, for both are infinite.

  • – William Shakespeare –

Inspired by this poem written by the English poet, dramatist and actor William Shakespeare, Eva Poleschinski and Oliver Rathschueler created those captivating bridal inspirations of a desirable Mexican bride.

Designer Eva Poleschinski herself was the creative director of this shoot and proofed her unmistakable sense for fine art and aesthetics by choosing her exceptional gowns and developing a harmonic concept. Her silver-gray gown is a combination of beaded lace body, a formfitting lace skirt and an elaborate tulle skirt in different shades of gray and blue. 

A wonderful flower crown by Miss Lillys Hats and historic appearing stationery by Designquartier rounded off the overall picture.

We would have loved to join Eva Poleschinski and her team on their trip to Mexico where she took all these special pictures…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Oliver Rathschueler und Eva Poleschinski
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Sarah Garnier
FLOWER CROWN: Miss Lillys Hats
PAPETERY: Designquartier
JEWELRY: Feinheit Goldschmiede
RING BOX: The Mrs Box
LOCATION: Mexico, Tulum, Nomade Tulum
MODEL: Elisabeth Myers