Iceland – The Four Elements of a Fairytale


The transformation of water

 The power of the earth

 The heat of fire

 The freedom of the open air


Wind gets caught in tulle and lace, unfolding the full glory of Eva Poleschinski’s bridal dresses. Is this a dream or reality?

Foaming rivers fall down the cliffs to find shelter and peace in the ocean´s arms. Unimagined energies operate under our feet to create treasures through power and heat.

Nature is subject to constant change to perfect its beauty. Covers itself with a veil of mist to shine again among sunlight as if by magic…

Barren rock scenery meets lush meadows, bubbling geysers warm up the cold surrounding air.

Water becomes ice, rocks turn into sand and even spots that were presumed dead cover themselves with fresh moss.

If you haven´t seen these magical places with your own eyes like the photographers Eva Poleschinski and Oliver Rathschueler did, you would assume they originated from an artist´s imagination.

Flawless, untouched and simply perfect they served as incredibly impressive location for Eva Poleschinski’s exceptional and completely designed wedding dresses.

The talented artist´s wonderful collection of bridal dresses presents itself as convertible and multi faceted as Iceland’s nature. So it´s no wonder designer Eva Poleschinski decided to showcase her gowns at this one-of-a-kind place, don’t you think?

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Oliver Rathschueler & Eva Poleschinski
CONCEPT + STYLING: Eva Poleschinski
FASHION: Eva Poleschinski
MODEL: Sara Karen – Eskimo Models
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Ástrós Erla Benediktsdóttir 
FLOWERS: Morna Fell – Bloma Nattura 
JEWELLERY: Aurum + Feinheit Goldsmith
STATIONERY: Designquartier
RETOUSCHING: Eva Poleschinski + Marlene Rahman
LOCATION: Magical Places in Iceland