Exciting Boho-Modernity by Therese & Luise


A whiff of Boheme, plain modernity and the charm of graceful femininity – that´s what the new bridal dresses by Therese & Luise are made of.

For the new, delicate collection German craftsmanship and fashion attitude go hand in hand. Loosely falling robes with transparent lace details and exceptional cuts get complemented by conventional fashion. Different, modern and peppered with the melancholia of romantic bohemian days.

Photographer Petra Hennemann and stylist Zuzanna Grabias found an innovative way to showcase the romantic bride with a whiff of fashion and to give new pipe dreams to the somehow mournfully falling bridal dresses by Therese & Luise.

Suddenly a brilliant tulle skirt and fine knit pullovers in rose quartz go well together, white lace tops and light pink Marlene Dietrich trousers are a good match or wide robes with gorgeous necklines become avant-garde with hat and uniform jackets.

And suddenly a bride in her delicate bridal dress is no longer an innocent, elfish girl anymore. For the first time she presents herself confident and adventurous. Testing boundaries of fashion and love. Why not? From now on fashionable brides explore new avenues setting unforgettable fashion statements!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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BRAUTKLEIDER: Therese & Luise
FOTOGRAFIE: Petra Hennemann
STYLISTIN: Zuzanna Grabias