SIBO Designs – Breathtaking Bridal Accessoires


A floor length veil of tulle covers her pretty face. Almost invisible it devotes itself to every gust of wind, makes the sun shine even brighter.

Most beautiful roses twine through her red hair, gracefully, splendidly, extravagantly. In colors light and soft delicate they melt with her soft lips and exclusive robes.

Gold and pearls start to sparkle within the warm sunlight, presenting them valuable and pure. Handmade and designed with love they snuggle into every strand of hair, to complete these special looks.

Designer Sheila Bobeldijk of SIBO Designs is known for high-class accessories like veils, headpieces and bridal jewelry made of selected materials like silk and satin with applications of feathers, gold and Swarovski crystals.

Within the impressive sand dunes of New Mexico photographer Jacob of Brumley & Wells found the perfect place to put this collection´s most beautiful pieces in perspective.

Combined with stunning dresses from Leanne Marshall the romantic accessoires of SIBO Designs come into their own and show how important it is to top off your bridal styling with that certain something.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Brumley & Wells
FILM LAB: Mammum Film Lab
FLORALS: Cori Cook Floral Design
DRESSES: Leanne Marshall
STYLING: The Wells Makery
VENUE: Dunes Life Nature Trail