Tender And Elegant – The New Collection by Schönmich Accessories


Filigree lace adorns a bride´s head, perfectly complementing her wedding day style.

Finest feathers blow gracefully in the wind, giving her that certain something that´s missing today.

Hardly noticeably a veil superimposes on her pretty face. Highlighting her innocence and elegance.

Schönmich Accessoires-designer Brigitte Wegerhoff´s new collection is as unique and exceptional as ever.

Fashion-conscious brides looking for head pieces defining their personal looks love the hand-made unicums by the successful designer from Munich.

Her widely varied range of jewelry offers everything a vintage-, romance- or retro-heart desires.

Fashion and weddings go hand in hand, especially in pulsating metropolises. So it´s no wonder designer Brigitte Wegerhoff chose another great artist from a different big city to support her showcasing her new collection.

Excited by the artful bridal jewelry by Schönmich Accessoires wedding photographer Samantha du Toit by ST Photography from Cape Town put every design in perspective and paid attention to every little detail.

Here she lets us sneak a peek into her fascinating gallery of pictures.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



HAARSCHMUCK:  Schönmich Accessoires
FOTOGRAFIE: ST Photography
FLORISTIK: Paradiso Flowers
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Marnél Toerien
LOCATION: Diamant Estate









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