Bohemian Bride by Janita Toerien


Summer’s glee takes us to a skittish music festival where a modern bohemian bride lets her long skirt swing to the pulsating vibes of music.

Minimalistic in white, plain in design. Listening to singer Stevie Nicks performing her song “Rihannon”. She’s free, wildly and full of vitality. This is how she wants to celebrate love and her wedding day: exuberantly outdoors in gorgeous dresses by the South African designer Janita Toerien.

Bohemian is fashion and attitude at the same time. Now we can feel this song’s melancholia and the rhythm’s surges that photographer Debbie Lourens shows us with her wonderful pictures of Janita Toerien’s bridal collection. This bohemian chic makes us want to dance.

Plain and restrained in elegance, playful and subtle in romance. Long and weeping skirts combined with straight crop tops – some with lace, some without. Some strapless bustiers, some rocketed lace tops. Depending on the mood every shirt finds its perfect match. Only a few details remain the same: the black hat and her plain golden jewelry. Rock’n’roll can be this sensual.

Flowers? This bride doesn’t need flowers. She needs her hands to hold her groom and for her adorable dancing moves to the sound of love…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Debbie Lourens
DRESSES: Janita Toerien
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Marnel Toerien
MODEL: Carli