Modern Princess: Bridal Dreams by Sareh Nouri


Waking up in a romantic fairy tale where white and bluish tulle as well as shimmering embroidery in shades of champagne and rose swirl around the wearer´s pale skin.

Delicate and dreamy fabrics wrap this female silhouette with lovely grace making her princess of the day. Yes, wedding dreams do come true!

That´s what two gorgeous bridal dresses by designer Sareh Nouri proof impressively as they become pictorial masterpieces in front of photographer Laura Gordon’s camera.

Two bridal dresses named Ivy and Iris. Each of which turns wedding fairy tales into one-of-a-kind reality and brides into princesses. While flawless white and hand-sewn “Ivy” impresses with precious embroidering in shades of rosé, “Iris” comes in with a bluish tulle skirt and embroidered girdle of layered applications in shades of champagne, ivory and grey.

Both tell completely different love stories yet they couldn´t have more in common: subtle romance and restrained elegance, finding their peak within majestic cuts.

With theses elegant dresses of Sareh Nouri love presents itself uniquely glamorous and magically playful yet remains an elegant accessory highlighting a bride´s natural beauty in its incomparable way. What a stage for feminine shapes!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Laura Gordon Photography
MAKE-UP: Nicck Townsend
FLOWERS: Laura Clare
HEADPIECES: Jennifer Behr