Claire Pettibone – „Gothic Angel” Collection


In her designs of bridal dresses the famous American designer Claire Pettibone combines youthful easiness, dreamy romance, classy and costly manufacture and exclusive materials.

Her eye-catching back-decolletes peppered with fine embroidery and artful applications spread a special kind of magic.

For the autumn collection 2015 “Gothic Angel” the exceptional artist got inspired by the majestic glory of wonderful gothic churches like Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and St. Patrick.

Bright lights come through beautifully designed windows into the church and let sparkling silver and golden elements shine glamorously and opulently. Claire Pettibone interpreted artful facades and playful glass pearls with sensual French lace and silk embroidery.

Every bride who chooses one of the unique dresses designed by Claire Pettibone will experience heaven on earth and float happily into her future.

Translation: Marina Jenewein