Fashion meets Fine Art


Wild and soft hair lies on the shoulders of the striking bride.

Confidently she presents her slightly transparent dress of Cosmopolka made of elegant lace.

The nature reserve of the Hiller Moor provides the unagitated backdrop for this artistic editorial by photographer Diana Frohmüller and Designer Sylvia Hartmann Design.

The bride dances barefoot over the wooden floor while the wind breathes life into the delicate lengths of fabric. A ladder adorned with elaborately arranged flowers from Designerin Sylvia Hartmann Design. is the central eye-catcher.

A beautiful bouquet caresses the silhouette of the graceful bride. During a small picnic with sugary treats of Süsse Verzauberung   she enjoys the silence of nature and the essence of being.

We linger to be seduced by the expressive images of the fine art photographer Diana Frohmüller.




Photography, Planning: Diana Frohmüller
Flowers & Decorations, Organisation: Sylvia Hartmann Design
Dress: Cosmopolka

Hair & Makeup: FaceDresses
Model: Tabea