Fiesta Cubana del Amore


 I love you that’s what my heart is saying
While every breeze is playing our Cuban love song
I love you for all the joy you brought me
The lovely night you taught me our Cuban love song
One melody will always thrill my heart
One kiss will cheer me when we’re far apart
(Dear one) I love you with such a tender passion
and only you could fashion our Cuban love Song
I love you that’s what my heart is saying
While every breeze is playing our Cuban love song

Cuban Love Song Lyrics Ruth Etting


Love, life, passion – the temperamental sense of life is omnipresent in Cuba. Colorful facades, a cloudless sky and palm trees next to the roads give us this carefree summer feeling.

The wind blows rhythmic melodies through the alleys inviting us to shake a leg. Carried by these sweeping sounds we explore every decayed corner that seems as vivid as ever before.

Amongst this vibrant life we discover a passionate beauty who symbolizes what this country and its people stand for: colorful and wild, worriless and free she follows her heart…

Inspired by a Cuban love song the Austrian designer Eva Poleschinski presents three new looks mirroring the spirits of Cuban culture with their colors.

Her combination of lace and sequins, crystals, a multi-color ostrich feathers and embroidered silk gazar makes her special designs unique and incomparable.

In collaboration with photographer Oliver Rathschüler the designer Eva Poleschinski framed her actual designs and captured them in her authentic way.




FOTOGRAFIE: Oliver Rathschüler und Eva Poleschinski
MODE: Bridal & Eve by Eva Poleschinski
KONZEPT & STYLING: Eva Poleschinski
PAPETERIE: Designquartier
RING BOX: The Mrs Box
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Yilian Carús
MODEL: Karina Valero Tieles