Footsteps In The Snow


Silence. Snow-covered ground as far as the eye can see. Yet something is different. Branches give themselves up to the heavy white and lean towards the ground. What´s happening here?

Pastel colors mingle with the everlasting green of the trees. Softly yet clearly they set themselves apart from the flawlessly white of the forest. There must be something very special happening…

Almost shy the little tea-lights glimmer on the ground and spread a comfortable and warming atmoshpere. Fur and a warm blanket are supporting them. Who are they waiting for?

Silent crunching in the snow is coming closer and closer. It is the bridal couple making their way through the untouched winter landscape. They enjoy their undisturbed time of togetherness, cover up in warm blankets, nibble on delicious sweets and rejoice in looking at their amazing wedding cake.

Andrea Rufener Photography and her great team created this unbelievable winter wonderland in an unique manner.

Automatically moistness and cold take a back seat as soon as you look at the heartwarming pictures shot by the talented potographer Andrea Rufener. Don´t you think so, too?

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Andrea Rufener Photography
FLORISTIK: Frischmärit Bichsel
TORTE: Manu’s sweets factorty
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Beauty Maria, Uetendorf