Le Secret Royal by Galia Lahav


Ancient furniture honors the castle with their grace, valuable marble covers every inch of its floors. Smooth velvet lays heavy on historic beds; massive doors open silently moaning.

Revealing a world full of splendor and glance, a life majestic and glamorous. Artworks and antiques from a bygone era, too precious to touch.

This is the empire of two queens, graceful, impeccable and noble. Their beauty is inviolable, their bodies enviably perfect. Both know how to showcase themselves to highlight their countless assets.

Only most valuable fabrics, selected qualities and most exclusive designs are allowed on these two grace´s skin. Wearing their robes proudly and regally, presenting themselves and their dresses at their best.

What we see here is the newest collection by Galia Lahav called “Le Secret Royal” captured on spectacular pictures by photographer Greg Swales.

„To believe in love is the motto for the new Galia Lahav collection. You will find what you are looking for if you choose to see beyond your set boundaries. Le Secret Royal expresses deep love for couture through our extravagant silhouettes, floral design elements and glamorous shades of pink.“ the successful fashion label told us.

We´re fascinated by this collection where every single design is more stunning, more breathtaking and costlier than the other…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0015 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0003 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0004 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0005 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0006 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0007 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0008 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0009 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0010 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0011 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0012 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0013 galiah-lahav-brautmodenkollektion-2017_0014


GOWNS: Galia Lahav
EVENTDESIGN: Elin Wallmander – Elins Art Studio
BEAUTY: Vittorio Masecchia
VIDEOGRAPHY + EDITING: Lavoisier Clemente
VIDEOGRAPHY: Jean-Claude Levasseur
BEAUTY ASSISTANZ: Bianca Duarte + Meri Gulin
MODEL: Meri Gulin + Noel Berry
HEADPIECE: Efrat Cassouto
SHOES: Femmes Sans Peur