Contrasts of Love on Teneriffa


It´s the perfect liaison under the open sky: delicate shades of blush unite with dark, rough stone, which is a tower of strength to the rough ocean and true love. Tender romance sometimes needs support.

And that´s what she finds on the beach of Teneriffa at a high-contrasted wedding inspiration by  Desire Traumhochzeiten and photographer  Lilly Karsten at the stony shore.

Directly in front of the sea´s unruly waves love presents herself full of extremes that – just like husband and wife – need each other. Romantic delicacy all in white and light pink meets elemental force of the ocean with it´s black ledges melting to a soughing fling for just one moment. Yes, opposites attract.

In need of protection the elegant bride clings to rough rocks wearing a modern princess robe. In the blink of an eye the structure of finest lace blends with the structure of rocks – and suddenly they can´t live without each other anymore. Becoming one with nature, just like her curly hair holding a floral crown resembling blooming vegetation of the heartland and dancing with the breeze.

Contrasts that only love can showcase as enchanting as this…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Lilly Karsten Photography
ORGANISATION + CONCEPT: Desire Traumhochzeiten
DRESS: Mitgift Bridal Lounge
PAPER GOODS: Rebekka Bais Designbüro
JEWELRY: Skusa Schmuckgeschichten
DETAILS: little pink butterfly
MODEL: Hanne