The Beauty Of Femininity


Warm candle light illumes the fireplace, it flickers, it crackles, it smells like romance. Silent music takes up the room to get us in the right mood for tingling moments.

A blanket of fur, cuddly and soft, invites us to get comfortable on the floor. Lovingly flattering naked skin, keeping many a secret.

Forbidden fruits seduce to nibble; their delicious taste is their sweet sin. Their scent beguiles our senses; their flesh ensnares the gums.

This shoot was born from an artistic desire to create something moody and romantic, and that celebrated a woman without overly sexualizing her.“ photographer MeghanElise tells us proudly.

Without any concrete visions yet with the florist of Penelope Pots Floral Design on her side she created appealing snapshots of a bride enjoying her loneliness. „We had a general idea of what we wanted to create. Coming together the day of the shoot was so much fun. No schedules, no shot lists, just creating as we went.“

What might sound a little planless at first turned into a highly professional and adorable boudoir-shoot after all. Get ready to be amazed when photographer MeghanElise shares her stunning pictures exclusively with us!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: MeghanElise Photography
FLORALS: Penelope Pots Floral Design
VEIL: Blossom Veils
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Makeup By Naz
FILM LAB: Goodman Film Lab