Glamorous Bridal Accessories 2017 by Jannie Baltzer


Puristic naturalness and the charm of femininity mirrors in a plain bride who radiates unforgettable romance with a subtle whiff of glamour.

This modern bride applies elegant highlights to a restrained bridal look to score with expressive bridal accessories by Jannie Baltzer who becharms with filigree yet graceful hair jewelry in the upcoming wedding season of 2017.

Thereby golden and silver hair hoops indicate floral patterns on simple hair styles. On a bride´s loose and curly hair as well as on her ponytail. However, these artful head pieces supersede real floral wreaths and create a glamorously new Bohemian bride.

Likewise, the filigree crowns of golden wires demonstrating tender refinement with single pearls and white silk flowers: lifting the girly bridal look into spheres of elegance to shine with purest sophistication. They are a tribute to nature showing impressively how graceful floral pattern in metallic colors can be.

Additionally, a sheer veil gives a fairytale charm to every bridal styling. Yes, this is how modern Bohemian brides incorporate unforgettable glance to their bridal look.

Find these enchanted bridal accessoires in Jannie Baltzer’s Online Shop.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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