Grace Loves Lace – BLANC und Limited Edition


Whenever valuable lace covers peachy skin and extravagant cuts flatter flawless silhouettes we´re about to discover breathtaking master pieces of fashion design.

Where finest fabrics and delicate details meet to blend magically artists surpassed theirselves and created a new collection.

A collection hard to exceed in fancy ideas, exceptional designs and captivating highlights.

It´s unmistakable that these are the two new collections of Grace Loves Lace we´re talking about. Now the label showcased its multifaceted and unique bridal gowns among a rustic-ancient location to highlight their glance and grace.

From Grace Loves Lace: “The 13-piece collection BLANC represents the girl who is seeking something classic, sophisticated and unique – it’s a collection that will intrigue and delight, not only lace lovers, but the lace skeptics.

And our limited edition collection features 3 one-of-a-kind designs that are so exclusive, there will only be a handful of each available. This collection is an ode to the woman who demands to be different. The range exudes luxury and glamour, with hand beading, divine encrusted detailing, fused with rich texture and soft jewel colored tones to create an unworldly-like aesthetic.”

So if you are still looking for the perfect bridal dress aside from mainstream for your wedding you better don´t miss these fascinating art works by Grace Loves Lace!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0001 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0002a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0003 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0003a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0005 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0006 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0006a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0007 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0008 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0010 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0010a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0011



grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0012 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0015 grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0015a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0015c grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0016a grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0016b grace-loves-lace-2017-blanc-limited-edition_0017



DRESSES: Grace Loves Lace
PHOTOGRAPHY: Darren McDonald, Emily Abay
MODELS: Georgia Fowler, Shannikah Doherty