Graceful Hair Jewelry By Acute Designs


Delicate, exquisite and inspired by the wonderful world of flowers and plants, the new hair jewelry by Acute Designs enchants with floral grace and natural finesse.  

Filigree roses of gold snuggle up to each other to sit enthroned as a precious crown on artfully draped hair.  

Small flowers wind through lavishly braided strands of hair to give them some glance and elegance.  

A narrow wreath of shiny leaves rests barely noticeable on a bride´s beautiful head to give secure hold to her graceful veil…

It seems like every piece of jewelry becomes one with a bride and her hair, as if they were meant to be…

These handmade works of art of daffodils, wild flowers, rosebuds and blossoms paired with sparkling Swarovski crystals and shimmering pearls are the pride of the small team of Acute Designs.  

With good reason! Their hair bands, combs and pins stand for timeless elegance, completed by a touch of vintage that gives them the potential to become a family heirloom.  

Among the historic setting of the Bastide de Bonheur in Santa Fe, California, the creative team with HauteFetes  found a suitable location to present their new collection.  

This is where stunning floral arrangements by Plenty of Petals highlighted the floral theme one more time, again complemented by the vintage flair of antique furniture and paintings.

The photographers and married couple Jackie and Matt of Whiskers & Willow had the great honor of capturing this synthesis of the arts, but especially the several small masterpieces by Acute Designs in all their glory.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




ACCESSORIES: Acute Designs
PHOTOGRAPHY: Whiskers & Willow
FLORALS: Plenty of Petals 
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Beauty by Stacey 
STATIONERY: Shasta Bell Calligraphy
LOCATION: Bastide de Bonheur
MODELS: Nicole and Kayla with Willow Model Management