Graceful Hawaiian Bridal Inspirations


The island´s heart is green and dense, the coast seems rugged and impassibly – multi-faceted and colorful as it is, Maui was the chosen representative for Donny Zavala’s Hawaiian bridal inspirations.  

As if she alighted from the water between centuries old lava stones a bride graces a foreign land. Her bridal two-parter of a white lace top and a floating yellow skirt give first color accents to this young day.  

In the hinterlands she exchanges top and skirt for a long-sleeved bridal dress, remaining faithful to precious lace. Now it´s a gorgeous bouquet made by Mandy Grace Designs, glowing with vivid colors such as fresh green, soft yellow and dark red.  

As an oasis of naturalness, Haiku Mill seems lonely and abandoned. However, life is omnipresent. Old masonry is carefully embraced by plants and protected by ivy, flowering roses decorate the lovingly laid table for two.  

Romantic places, hidden corners and mysterious paths make the property a kind of an enchanted garden that fulfills every bride´s dream.

In this special case, it was the dream of fine art photographer Donny Zavala, who traveled to Hawaii and to visit this magical place where he let his visions of a Maui Bride come true.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Donny Zavala Photography
STYLING AND FLORALS: Mandy Grace Designs
VENUE: Haiku Mill
DRESS: Sweet Caroline Styles
VEIL: Melinda Rose Designs
MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Meili Autumn Beauty
CALLIGRAPHY: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
MODEL: Sophie Wall