The graceful Wedding Dresses of Elfenkleid make Bridal Dreams come true


Clouds come up at the lake without lessening the beauty of a radiant bride. Bald trees rise up to the sky at the shore adorning themselves with the loveliness of three women.

Shiny silk and delicate lace flatter their wispy bodies in the form of fashionable pieces of art that know how to seduce. Pieces of art that turn every bride into a queen.

Plain or voluminous, strapless or with long sleeves, high-necked or with deep back-lines. A game of reality and fantasy – what gets revealed, what stays hidden?

This alluring selection of bridal dresses by the fashion label Elfenkleid speaks for itself. Their processed fabrics are valuable and most of the time jewelry enough. Only every now and then a ring by gold smith  Michaela Römer complements a gorgeous bridal look.

Photographer  Maria Luise Bauer captured these dreamlike artworks with every detail on her camera and obtained the captivating dramaturgy of the surrounding landscape to let her pictures turn out even more spectacular. Simply magical, isn’t it?

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Maria Luise Bauer
SCHMUCK: Michaela Römer
MODELS: Paragon Models