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When it comes to choosing the right wedding ring couples seek for quality, individuality and substainability.

These rings become constant companions and are supposed to remind newly-weds of their mutual promise for ever. That’s why engaged couples invest a lot of time into planning and choosing the perfect pieces.

If you are looking for something very special and personal you might run into Michaela Römer – one of Germanys most creative goldsmiths.

For 20 years she creates unique pieces of jewelry and wedding rings in her own little manufactory. She advices her couples professionally and in an absolutely adorable way with a lot of love and passion for her work.

Michaela welcomes her customers at her manufactory with a comfortable atmosphere and designs very personal “TrauMRinge” with them.

Many of them accept a long journey just to get their rings designed by Michaela. During a first meeting they discuss all the important details, later Michaela writes emails and sends photos to involve the couples as much as possible into the formation of their rings.
Besides every couple gets a documentation on CD of how their piece of jewelry got formed.

The following pictures perfectly show how lasting Michaela works and how adorably and lovingly packed she sends her beautiful jewelry on its way to the new owners.

Photographer Nicole Pausin-Menius visited Michaela Römer in her magical studio and shot these amazing pictures which provide us now an insight into the fascinating work of this so talented goldsmith.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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