Happiness in Yellow

Big and small lemons hanging on a silky twine. A bride wearing a bulky necklace peppered with neon yellow blossoms.

With this adorable shooting stylist and florist Heike from Fleur le Cordeur put all her attention on yellow – the color of felicity and pure zest for life.

That’s also what the brides eyes mirror, she’s wearing a veil made of branches and spreads yellow blossoms on her décolleté. These elements are exactly that pinch of ambivalence that every wedding needs.

Heike combined this flashy color with classy white dresses and green flower arrangements that granted this day it’s profoundness. Grey ruins and walls appear newly restored due to the blithely flowers and repeating fruity elements.

Even the wedding cake is crowned with lemons! The invitations are plain but carry gleaming vitality and hope.

This combination of natural elements and modern elegance accompanied by sunshine and luck does not stand in its own light. Quite the contrary: there has just opened a new path. Courage should always be rewarded.

Fascinated by the talent of picture artist Tahsa Seccombe, who proofed her sense for details and the right moments, we let these captivating impressions sink in.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Tasha Seccombe Photography
FLORALS + STYLING: Heike from Fleur le Cordeur
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Yolande du Toit
JEWELRY: Topiary and Ashe Jewellery
CAKE: Edible Art Cakes