Hidden Eden


Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of a spectacular gorge with imposing rocks and crystal clear water, Georgia Apostolidou of Pompon Story created this unique shooting.

We can’t take our eyes off the many enchanting details and enjoy the variety of inspirations that Vasilis Moumkas captured in a magical world of images.

Georgia Apostolidou from Pompon Story told: “When the paths of our mind and dreams met the  wild almost primitive beauty of this gorge and the surroundings, we were almost certain about what we were going to create. An inspirational styled shoot focused on the magnificence of female nature.

In such a scenery, our interference, had only one way to follow. It was that of the sophisticated and luxury styling without exaggeration. The complete harmony with the imposing lines of the landscape has undertaken to make excellent elements of elegant, vintage, boho chic leading us to an eclectic styling in the set, while the colors we used following the water and rocks were dusty blue, light grey, peach and white in combination with gold material.”

The photo shooting is divided in two parts, one of the boudoir session and the other of the bridal. In the first part, the bride is getting prepaired, reading the letter of her love, waiting to meet him. Have been seating in a vintage armchair, she is wearing a white body combined with a maxi transparent dress , expressing her loneliness and anticipation to finally see him.

During the bridal session, the bride is wearing an elegant bridal dress of Jota Matiaki consisting of a silk skirt embroidered with lace pieces and a top, made by tulle, embroidered also with French lace, pearls and little crystals . She is captured in a square shaped arch ,on floor , near the river with the spectacular view of the gorge as a natural backdrop. The half part of this arch is consisting of flower creations by Amaryllis while the rest is of high candles. Here we wanted to use the four elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air in order to emphasize the bride in the middle in a mesmerizing way. The primitive elements of nature meet the primitive feelings of passion and love.

Then follows the meal of the two in the form of a sweet brunch which was placed in a floating structure that we created at one vault of the bridge, creating a warm retreat for the couple like a small cave. The arch was decorated with an impressive macramé structure, offering a stronger sense of isolation of the two, but also underlining the fragility and complexity of sharing love between two people.

For the table setting elegant combined with minimal elements were used with unpretentious styling. Dishes with a stone effect, scattered small flower bottles, towels embroidered with macramé elements and golden details were combined to welcome fresh fruit, pancakes and sweet tarts.

The Stationery suite from Manousenia had been inspired also by the magnificent landscape. We made use of handmade papers and calligraphy method , combined with the natural colors of the surroundings  engraving the gorge with watercolor  elements. Handmade ceramic items were used to integrate the natural effect.”

Fine Art photographer Vasilis Moumkas proves his talent with these impressive pictures.



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PHOTOGRAPHY: Vasilis Moumkas
STATIONERY: Manousenia
MACRAME: Pantias Macrame Designer
HAIR STYLING: Iosif Qualite
STYLING GOODS: Narcissus Fine Art
FURNITURE: Ioanna Palaska
JEWELLERY: Elena Kougianou & Xrisi Gonia