La vita e bella – a journey across the Tuscany

Rightfully the Tuscany is one of the most popular travel destinations. Who doesn´t want to see the rolling hills , the impressive cypress- or pine-avenues and the appealing landscape with its wine yards and olive cultures or stroll along the narrow alleys to feel the flair of past ages?

Photographer Stefan Lederer wanted to experience this amazing landscape, too. Now we are more than happy to present you his travel report including some breathtaking pictures:

Stefan Lederer:
„When we decided to get away from our everyday life for some days we choose Italy for a destination. Our first virtual wandering over different travel-blogs and websites of other wedding photographers helped us to get a picture of which route we wanted to take: starting from Lübeck to Pisa where we rented a car and drove to Volterra.

This area is one oft he most beautiful of the Tuscany.

My girlfriend loved the „Twighlight Saga” so I definately wanted to see Volterra. I wanted to see the Volturi headquater in real life: the Volterras marketplace. Like all the other tourists who had this plan I was pretty disappointed when I found out that these scenes were shot in Arezzo, which was a 2 hour car ride away. But never the less because of its pictorial alleys Volterra is a special highlight and worth visiting. We stayed at a country house outside the city where even wedding parties find a nice place to celebrate.

So we stayed there for some days and held our eyes open to find some more pretty locations to get married. I mostly shoot at weddings, so I found the several old mansions very interesting. On our tour we passed by amazing landscape and imposing mansions with centuries-old history.

Especially the native city of Paolo Machiavelli impressed me a lot. He´s the author of one of my favourite books „ilprincipe”. In this city we found two adorable wedding-locations which are frequently booked by international bridal-couples.

Next stop: Florenz, afterwards back to Pisa, where I found my absolute favourite accommodation and location.

Villa Sermolli is situated between Pisa and Florenz and made our last two days unforgettable. Furnished with a lot of love and many little details, offering an excellent cuisine and a breathtaking view onto Pistoia it became our home and quiet pol before we headed back to Hamburg.

Italy, in particular the Tuscany impressed with its romantic sceneries. It seems like they were made for weddings and open-air ceremonies. Many of the locations we visited offer international guests a friendly and organized all inklusive service. Wow, I want to go back there to attend a wedding…”

And now lay back and enjoy this wonderful world of pictures shot by Stefan Lederer with us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein