In Bloom – Pronovias Fashion Show Barcelona Bridal Week




A few days ago, numerous celebrities, world-famous actors and important names from the wedding industry flocked to the presentation of the Pronovias 2019 collection, the highlight of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

The leading bridal label inspired its 1,500 guests with a breathtaking show, which already caused surprised admiring glances due to the exceptional staging of the runway.  

It must have taken days to turn the Italian Pavilion into this wonderfully fragrant and beautifully flowering garden landscape, according to the motto “In Bloom”, the promising name of the new collection.

As soon as the audience had captured the beauty of the ambience in all its splendor, the successful Bridal Fashion label continued to surprise and opened its show with supermodels like Sarah Fraser, Cindy Bruna, Romee Strijd und Blanca Padilla.

The ladies presented exclusive designs characterized by maximum volume, deep insights, seductive cuts and transparency that made a lasting impression. Also simple cuts and silhouettes that enchant with refined details were a must.

Delicate fabrics, floral applications and artful lace explained expressively, how the collection got its sonorous name and led the audience amazed through the unique show.

Year after year Pronovias defends their place at the top, not least because of unforgettable performances like this. The former family business grows with the demands of its customers and aims to enhance the beauty of women from around the world with their dreamlike collections.  What a wonderful idea…

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Translation: Marina Jenewein